U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm Pleads Guilty to Federal Tax Evasion

So Mr Grimm steals from the government, is found guilty and simply carries on working for the government. Then why can’t we all do this?

Because, you my friend, the little business taxpayer, will get screwed to the wall if you so much as steal a dime/Rand from government, and will probably land up going to jail and losing your life, your business, your wife and family and probably anything else that your miserable little life may have had in the beginning.

Moral of the story:
You have to be in government to screw government and to continue being paid a salary by government so that you can look for shrewder ways of stealing from governement yet again.

So not only do people like Grimm steal hard-earned money from me and you by not paying their due taxes, but they likely use time paid for by my and your taxes to plot and manage the theft – so it’s double tax theft!

I say Grimm should have the common decency of a Japanese Samurai and at very least commit professional harakiri if not actual seppuku by simply getting out of politics and definitely getting his evil hands out of Congress.

C’mon Michael, for once in your life face up to the grim reality that you are a dishonest, failed human being who does not deserve to represent the people of New York or any other state in government, least of all expect their support or admniration.


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