TAX revolt

Unusually, taxation has gotten into the front of the news queue lately. On the one side there is growing taxpayer concern at apparent waste of their contributions through controversial Government spending on things like Gauteng’s eTolls and Nkandla. There is also growing concern, recently articulated by Western Cape Premier Helen Zille, at the hijacking by the Zuma cabal of the tax collector, SA Revenue Services. Few are better positioned to provide perspective on these issues and the sliding tax morality than Keith Engel, deputy CEO of the SA Institute of Tax Professionals, who during 14 years at the National Treasury was responsible for the legal aspects of SA taxation. Articulate and obviously well connected, he visited with us at the CNBCAfrica studio today to share his insights. There’s a strong warning – he worries that the country is now experiencing “the beginnings of a tax revolt.”- AH

via Warning from Keith Engel: SA seeing “beginnings of a tax revolt” – The SA Institute of Tax Professionals.

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