Graduate tax : a South African study on proposed legislation, implementation and public perception

The analysis of the data collected indicated that graduate tax is perceived as an additional tax to be paid by graduates from tertiary institutions, whereas the literature defined it as a tax paid by tertiary institution graduates who received their tertiary education at no cost. Furthermore, it was found that the imposition of a graduate tax may deter some from pursuing a tertiary degree in order to avoid liability for such tax. The imposition of a graduate tax could also lead to an outflow of skills, as graduates would be likely to seek employment outside South Africa in order to avoid paying graduate tax.

It is recommended in this study that more clarity should be given to the public as to what this proposed graduate tax would entail and who would be affected by it.

Graduates are either broke or in debt, so why punish them by taxing them.

I mean this is the most asinine concept to ever have entered the proposed legislation arena!

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