The viability of the introduction of Spahn tax in South Africa

Spahn focused on creating a two-tier tax base where transactions falling within a normal and reasonable trading range would be taxed at a nominal amount and transactions that fall outside of the band would be taxed at a higher punitive rate. The trading band, or range, would be adjustable though market dynamics on a daily basis using a moving average. No country has implemented Spahn tax yet. The implementation of such a tax would have strong revenue-generating potential. A modification of such a tax with only a punitive rate and a wide trading band could be considered for South Africa. However, in being prudent South Africa does not appear to be in a position to be the first country to implement Spahn tax. There are too many market risks associated with the introduction Spahn tax that cannot be ignored.

A Spahn tax would only serve to complicate and disincentivise business.

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