The incorporating of basic tax education in the secondary school curriculum.

Taxation has become one of the most important concepts in the everyday lives of millions of taxpayers in South Africa. Not only does SARS require each and every employee to be registered as taxpayer but people are more and more reliant on the money in their pocket for everyday survival. Taxpayers want to know why they pay taxes, how the taxes deducted from their income is calculated and what the government is doing with such taxes deducted from the taxpayers. It would thus be for the benefit of both taxpayer and SARS to provide taxpayers in South Africa with a basic form of tax education to provide them with knowledge regarding how the tax system works. School-going children are the future taxpayers of South Africa and therefore it is deemed the most effective place to educate such future taxpayers about taxation. This will allow South African taxpayers to have a basic knowledge on their tax affairs as well as to make informed decisions about their tax affairs. Increasing the level of the taxpayer’s knowledge about taxes will lead to an increase in the attitude of taxpayers about their tax affairs. This will result in an increase in the level of the country’s tax compliance rate and ultimately resulting in the overall increase in the income basis of the South African government.

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