Trump Kept Wall St ‘Fat Cat Loopholes’ In Tax Bill – Fox Business Host

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  • First of all Kyle Kulinski, you swear far too much to be taken seriously. Cut the fucking this and fucking that. It doesn’t sit well with you. It detracts from the facts and is highly unprofessional.

    Secondly, did it ever occur to you or the Fox lady, if you thought just a little further than your noses for a second, that Trump ignoring the interest tax loophole for now was a tactical move to ensue greater traction and support for the bill as a whole with the influencial fat cats in business, Congress, and the senate?

    Mark my words, within 6 months there will be supplementary tax bills closing this kind of loophole.

    To predicate a total rejection and derision of Trump based on a shortsighted interpretation of current events might be good for ratings short term, but I’d say you’d get a stronger, larger following if you tempered your assessments with considered speculation and insight.