Technical Review of SARSeFiling System

11 Nov 2014

When you click the LOGIN button on the website, you are taken to the following page:


After many years and hours of working in SARSeFiling, I can assure you that this short cutoff time, currently 5 minutes, is highly impractical and a source of great frustration to a tax worker who routinely has to access supporting files/documentation, deal with office interruptions and consult with colleagues in between.

Loging in 20 times of a morning is no fun and most unproductive!

SARS equates 5 minutes to a “prolonged period of time” which is a travesty of description.

Paternalistic and unnecessarily restrictive expressions like “away from your desk”, “ensure that you save your … work” and “not leave this system unattended” are poor excuses for the unrealistic 5 minutes idle time allowed.

Other similar systems, like CIPC for example, give one more realistic working time of 10 to 15 minutes. This makes a huge difference when it comes to working in a practical office environment.

Instead of lame excuse-posturing, SARSeFiling should jack up their bandwidth and whatever else they need to do hardware-wise to give their clients a decent 15 minutes open time while working on their site.

After all, regarding security risk, what a criminal can do if he gets to my computer in 15 minutes, he can also do in 5 if he so badly wants to submit my tax returns to SARS for me!

What else can he do?

He can’t steal my or the government’s money! This is not a bank site we’re talking about!

So why the ridiculous hype about security and short cutoffs?

In fact I’m pretty sure its the bandwidth/hardware limitation referred to above.

Don’t be so stingy nonchalant, SARS, and fork out so your clients can have a better deal!

That’s what I would do if I was running SARSeFiling.

More to follow…

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