2. Search for Tax Payer

28 Nov 2014

Once you are logged in to SARSeFiling, how will you know where to Search for Tax Payer?

You will not know.

There is no search bar or link indicating Search for Tax Payer.

Until you find out, you will have to click on one of many possible buttons/links.

When you find out that the search function is hidden behind the name link of your main logon entity, clicking on that link takes to you a window called Search for Tax Payer.

Do not start to type your search query as soon as you see this window as nothing you type will appear on this page!

You must first click in the Name field to give the page focus, so that it knows that you wish to enter something on that page.

This is both irritating and time-wasting, and a simple bit of html code could place the cursor right in the Name field, where most people are going to want to start searching.

I mean who realistically are going to search by the other alternatives, like Company Reg or ID Number or Tax Ref No.?

So just because there are several optional fields, SARS programmers decide that they will not focus the cursor to any of them. Ding ding ding! Sorry wrong answer!

Focus the cursor to the first or most obviously popular field – the Name field!

And save thousands of people time and frustration daily!

In earlier days, you could type an “a” or “b” in the Name field, click on the Search button and you would get a list of all entities under your care beginning with “a” or “b”.

This was a handy way to go through all your clients to ensure all of their tax forms/matters had been attended to and were up to date.

Now you have to enter 3 letters in a row in order to bring up any entity!

So there is no longer a comprehensive search function!

The Show All does not show anything (with or without 1, 2 or 3 letters in the Name field) but rather stupidly throws you back to the main page where you will find the link “Show All”. Clicking on that link takes you back to the Search for Tax Payer window, but nowhere in that process do you get shown any entities and definitely not All.

Instead the Show All button takes you to an inane page on which boasts about the new Adobe Flash forms on eFiling which are “enhancements…set to deliver a more pleasant and productive eFiling experience for all”!

I mean please, spare us!

You cannot even make your basic buttons do what they say they do, and you have time to brag about essentially irrelevant nonsence!

Then that page – where you are expecting and want to see All your entities goes on to paternalistically warn you of Penalties – “SARS has announced the phasing-in of the new system of administrative penalties for taxpayers who fail to comply with their tax obligations.”

Well thank you very much for that, but I still haven’t see All my entities that you are meant to be showing me on the Show All page! And you will not see them ’cause that search function is non-existent!

For a government organisation that has access to unlimited funds and technical resources, the least one can say about the SARSeFiling system so far is that it is Mickey-Mouse.

Now back to the issue that you have to enter 3 letters in a row in order to bring up any entity!

In the past you could get a list of all entities beginning, say, with “a”, by typing “a” and searching. This gave you a complete list.

Now in order to check all your clients starting with “a” you must do searches in the format of “aaa”, “aab”, “aac”, “aad”, etc.

Then when those 26 searches are done, you will need to start with: “aba”, “abb”, “abc”, etc.

Algebraically, this is equivalent to doing 26 to the power of 3 searches, which is 26 x 26 x 26 searches = 17576 searches which will take you three 8-hour days to work through the alphabet of all your clients.

This is obviously impracticable.

Thus the search function is only for specific clients whose names you remember.

What about the clients you want to find but cannot remember their names?

Being able to search by single letter would have taken you about 6 minutes to retrieve all your clients!!!

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