065-035 Tax plans

by Antony Last

Thinkers come up with tax plans.

They may be plans to increase taxes or complicate the analysis of taxable value and the operations of collection.

Or, a tax plan could be to reduce taxes or simplify the identification of taxable value and the means of collection.

If the former is performed, state revenue must increase to pay for the physical implementation of complexity, such as more staff, office space, etc, so taxes will automatically be raised in some way to obtain more cash from the public.

If the latter is performed, less resources and therefore less tax money is required to run the state’s tax system and more money can thus be utilised by government and private enterprise for the generation and development of cash-producing small businesses which lifts people out of poverty and ultimately adds to tax revenue again. This is the essence of economic stimulation and growth.

Tax plans can come from many different quarters.

They can emerge from the overpaid, inexperienced, ill-equipped advisors of government who possess very little practical knowledge about business or life in general and are often also lacking in basic common sense. Such people thrive on working out and implementing newfangled ways and tricks of what next to tax and how to tax it in the most tiresome manner and then presenting it in the most plausible and palatable way so that even the most erudite of society nod their heads in consideration and give due consideration to such plans invariably consenting as they might even perceive a loophole for their own unsatiated economic gain.

Then there is the altruistic thinker who as close as the human spirit can possibly attain wants to do good by not only herself but by her fellow citizens, and everything she thinks up regarding taxation and collection is practical, practicable, fair, reasonable and whittled and honed down to the bare minimum by reflection, discussion and ruthless honesty to produce an end result which can make most happy and give back people’s dignity and let them help themselves to rise above the unbearable burden of pennylessness and poverty and make something of themselves economically albeit in some small way of running perhaps a little business from home.

South Africa needs such a tax planner. She needs many such tax planners. Will you perhaps be one of them?